Windows 10 – Better but not yet great

I’ve been playing with the Windows 10 technical preview on and off during the week and whilst not particularly groundbreaking (some would even say it’s disappointingly safe) it does quash some of my annoyances with Windows 8.1.


They’ve tried to reconcile the jump between using it with a mouse and using it with a touch interface by putting windows controls on the Metro (or whatever we’re calling it now) apps. All the charms have been binned¬†(yay!). The much hated full screen Start Menu is gone and is now bolted onto the side of the old-skool Start Menu.

New stuff includes virtual desktops (ace!), resizable start menu, and better snapping for windows to help you utilise those massive monitors more effectively. Additionally all Windows 10 apps will work across multiple platforms (laptop, tablets, phone etc.) which ties into Microsoft’s new vision of doing everything, everywhere. This also might help attract developers to the Windows app ecosystem which has been pretty low quality¬†to date.

So, all in all – nothing that’s going to set the world alight, but Microsoft is in a bit of a tough spot where it has to innovate to keep up with it’s competitors whilst not alienating the huge amount of Enterprise customers it has. Speaking as a sysadmin, it’s a step in the right direction and will at least provide some much needed stability in the transition from Windows 7 (or Windows XP if you’re a council/bank).